Minister of Foreign Affairs Sends Canadian Navy to hang out with Russian Military in Cuba

Sheila Gunn Reid critiques Minister Joly's response to Russian naval presence while a Canadian delegation was in Cuba.

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On Friday's live episode of Rebel Roundup, Sheila Gunn Reid discussed Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly, who once again proved her ignorance of international affairs.

Sheila examined a recent interview on CBC's Power and Politics with Minister Joly when she expressed baffling ignorance about the Russian military presence near a Canadian warship in Havana, Cuba.

"She's our Minister of Foreign Affairs, (and she's) supposed to have a grip on these matters," Sheila remarked incredulously during the live stream. "Yet she seemed more clued in about feminist initiatives in Africa than our own naval activities."

The debacle unfolded as Minister Joly stumbled through questions regarding why a Canadian patrol vessel was coincidentally docked in Havana at the same time as Russian military vessels, including nuclear submarines. Sheila pointed out the Minister's flustered response and noted sarcastically, "She's going to 'look into it'—how reassuring."

While down in Cuba, the Canadian Navy personnel were leading conga lines in Havana. "Is this how we intimidate Russian soldiers now? With conga lines?" Sheila quipped.

Watch the full show by clicking here. 

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