Monstrosity Burger forced to temporarily close due to nearly $100k in COVID fines

Help owners Dave and Paulina fight back against these unjust fines!

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Today I will be bringing you an update on a story I have been covering in Winnipeg, Manitoba, regarding a restaurant that has been severely impacted by the COVID madness we have been seeing since march of 2020. Monstrosity Burger, owned by Dave and Paulina Jones, was fined over $60,000 dollars for not complying with the public health orders in September of 2021.

Thanks to our viewers we were able to crowdfund a legal team to help Dave and Paulina fight back against these unjust fines through our website at

This legal battle is still going through the courts, and you can still help the owners of Monstrosity Burger through that same website at

They were handed a total of 13 fines at $5,000 a piece. Dave and Paulina simply did not want to enforce its customers or staff to wear masks and there was just no chance that they were going to ask anybody for proof of vaccination to dine in at their restaurant. After it became clear that these business owners were not going to enforce any sort of COVID mandate inside their business, the city of Winnipeg decided to send them a closure notice for indoor dining followed by the removal of their liquor licence.

A lot has happened since we last spoke with the owners of Monstrosity Burger. Skip the Dishes essentially banned them from their service and they were hit with an additional seven fines.

This now leaves Dave and Paulina with a total of 20 fines, adding up to approximately $100,000, and the pair has no option but to temporarily shut down their restaurant.

You can help the owners of Monstrosity Burger by crowdfunding for legal assistance by visiting

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