More complaints about VPD officer who was caught grinning while Billboard Chris was assaulted by trans activists

Meredith Dan, the Indigenous mother of the late and talented Glenn Rebic, details two additional incidents that brings Constable Buchmann’s conduct into disrepute.

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At the time of writing this report, over 15,000 people have signed our petition calling on the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) to fire one of their officers, Constable Frederike Buchmann, and after this report I’m betting there will be plenty more.

Most of the signatories to date have done so after viewing Constable Buchmann’s conduct on March 31, where citizen journalist Dan Dicks captured her grinning from ear to ear while trans rights activists violently mobbed child protection activist Billboard Chris at a national transgender day of visibility rally in Vancouver.

But in today’s report, I sit down to interview Meredith Dan, the Indigenous mother of the late and talented Glenn Rebic, who will detail at least two additional incidents that bring Constable Buchmann’s conduct into disrepute.

The first, and more heinous of the two incidents is that Constable Buchmann has already been found by retired judge Carol Baird Ellan, to have committed “discreditable conduct, neglect of duty, discourtesy and abuse of authority' for callously delivering the tragic news of Rebic’s death without dignity and compassion.”

According to Dan, other VPD officers who worked with her after she had reported her only child missing, treated her with complete respect and compassion. However, Dan says when Buchmann came to deliver the next of kin notice of Rebic’s death, Dan says she walked straight into her apartment, placed her hands on her hips and apathetically stated “first of all, Glenn is dead.”

The harsh words and Buchmann’s face is a moment Dan wishes she could forget. The disgraceful conduct prompted Dan to eventually file a complaint against Buchmann, who then responded by placing blame on Dan, and her apartment.

Buchmann also  brought forth a petition seeking to quash the retired provincial court decision about her conduct and to have Dan’s complaint dismissed.

Last month Justice J. A. Power, who presided over that petition, while finding ultimately denied Buchmann’s petition to quash it.

This isn’t the only interaction Dan says she's had with Buchmann where she witnessed the same pattern of a lack of empathy while supposedly serving and protecting the community. 

Dan says around a year after Buchmann informed her that her only child had passed, Buchmann arrived at the scene of a car accident where Dan and a friend were at. Dan says her friend who had first aid was attending to one of the people in the accident when Buchmann arrived.

“Who is she and what is she doing there?” Dan says Buchmann abruptly asked without any compassion or concern for the girl who appeared to be in shock from being in the accident.

Despite multiple attempts, the Vancouver Police Department has not responded to any of the Rebel News' inquiries seeking information as to whether Buchmann has been or will be disciplined for any of the incidents’ mentioned in this report.

Their silence on that makes signing and sharing our petition at matter even more.

Sign the petition here, and next week I will personally deliver it to the VPD, demanding they do right by Meredith Dan, the late Glenn Rebic, and Billboard Chris, and fire Constable Fredireke Buchmann.

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