'More of Us' need to open our hearts and minds | Matt Brevner on new hit single

Brevner's new song, 'More of Us', reached #11 on YouTube's music trending section.

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The music industry, despite being home to a diverse array of talents and personalities, tends to be fairly uniform in political thought. Rebel News' Matt Brevner has firsthand experience how political ideologies can impact a musician, an experience he unfortunately endured before joining Rebel.

With all that has gone on during the past two years of life with COVID-19, Brevner channeled his passion into a new song, More of Us, that went viral online and garnered positive reactions from other outspoken artists like Tom MacDonald and Zuby, as well as from intellectuals like Bret Weinstein. 

Matt Brevner joined Sheila Gunn Reid on this week's edition of The Gunn Show to talk about the challenges he faced creating this new song.

Responding to people who praise him for being brave, Brevner told Sheila:

I appreciate that, but, to me, I don't see it as being brave or courageous. It takes a lot of courage to just take it on the chin and deal with things the way they are, because if we don't speak up, the fabric of our country is being completely ripped apart and destroyed, maybe beyond repair, unless we all speak up. 

And it doesn't have to be on a huge level. It's just having stern conversations out of love with people that we care about and then this stops.

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