Calls for violent Victoria Police to be prosecuted following judge’s scathing ruling

Libertarian MP David Limbrick calls for accountability and action after a court ruling showed police to be the 'aggressors' during harsh COVID lockdowns.

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Libertarian MP David Limbrick has called on the Attorney General to ensure Victoria Police officers are held accountable for their unlawful actions, following a recent court ruling highlighting excessive force used during anti-lockdown protests in May 2021.

In a parliamentary address, Limbrick referenced a judgment from the County Court of Victoria, where Judge Liz Gaynor condemned the actions of certain police officers during the protest, labelling their conduct as "unjustified violenceand emphasizing breaches of human rights.

Limbrick pointed out inconsistencies between evidence presented by Victoria Police and body camera footage, highlighting instances where police narratives contradicted visual evidence. He stressed the importance of upholding public trust in law enforcement by addressing such misconduct.

The court ruling, which described police as the "aggressorsduring the protest, has reignited calls for accountability within the law enforcement community. Several protesters were unlawfully arrested, with Judge Gaynor deeming the use of force by police as unnecessary and unwarranted.

Limbrick's call for action aligns with growing concerns over police conduct, particularly during periods of heightened social tension such as the pandemic-related lockdowns.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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