“Much bigger agenda at play”: Protesters rally against vax passports, future lockdowns in Edmonton

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Saturday afternoon at the Alberta legislature grounds in Edmonton, approximately 500 protesters participated in the Worldwide Rally for Freedom.

Simultaneous anti-lockdown rallies took place all across the world, including larger protests attended by thousands in London, Paris, Toronto and Sydney, Australia.

Keynote speakers at Edmonton's protests included People's Party leader Maxime Bernier and outspoken Edmonton-area pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson.

In Alberta, most of the major COVID restrictions on gatherings and businesses have been lifted for over three weeks, so I put the question to the rally attendees: what are you still protesting?

After 18 months of flip-flopping, reversals on commitments to keep the province open, arrests of pastors and business owners, hundreds of lockdown tickets issued, and many prosecutions still ongoing, the people told me they just don't trust the government to keep Alberta open. They expect another lockdown after the so-called best summer ever wraps up, and they want the government to know that they aren't going to go quietly into another abduction of their civil liberties in the name of Public Health.

I also asked the rally-goers their opinions on the looming threat of vaccine passports, the notion that free healthy people should have to divulge their private health information to strangers just to be able to patronize businesses, use certain facilities and travel.

At Rebel News, we are staunchly opposed to vaccine passports and if you are too, please sign our petition at www.NoVaxPassports.ca.

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