Much to the chagrin of Sneaky Patrick Brown, Peel Police conclude practicing journalism NOT 'criminal harassment'

Yet another victory for Rebel News.

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Astute viewers of Rebel News might recall our recent video exposing how Brampton Mayor Sneaky Patrick Brown had a secret campaign office running out of Vaughan, Ont.

What’s more, he was allegedly using senior City of Brampton staff to help sell Conservative Party of Canada memberships. That’s against the rules, of course, unless those staffers took an unpaid leave of absence. And none of the Brampton employees we reached out to would provide proof of this.

In any event, on the day Lincoln Jay and I visited the secret Sneaky Patrick campaign HQ, who should show up but the Sneaky One himself. As soon as he saw us, he scrammed like a frightened weasel.

Naturally, we followed Brown down the highway to query him. Where oh where was Patty running to? City Hall? His home. Nope, turns out that his destination was… a police station?! The police, alas, weren’t interested in Brown. But they did launch an investigation regarding criminal harassment pertaining to Jay and Menzies.

Indeed, a detective called the Rebel News reporters sometime after 10 p.m. Yes, with all the crime occurring in Peel Region – ranging from violent car jackings to homicide – apparently the number one hot button issue in Peel that night was reporters asking Patrick Brown… impolite questions?

In any event, we deferred the detective’s queries to our lawyer. And get this: that investigation wrapped up just a few days later. Here’s the letter our lawyer David Elmaleh recently received:

Hello Mr. Elmaleh,

I am writing to follow up on our previous conversation regarding your clients Mr. Menzies and Mr. Jay.

We have completed our investigation and determined that there are no grounds to charge your clients with any criminal or provincial offences. In our opinion, your clients exercised their freedom of the press charter right in a lawful manner.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

Kind Regards.

Now, THAT’s our kind of detective: someone who respects freedom of the press. For those keeping score at home, this is yet another embarrassing defeat for the Sneaky One; yet another victory for Rebel News when it comes to exposing Patrick Brown.

But really, the cops had no other choice but to deep-six this investigation. If we were criminals hellbent on doing Brown harm, why in the world would we follow him… right into a police station? Methinks that would be a really, really bad move strategy-wise if we were a couple of gangbangers!

Which makes me wonder: what did Patrick Brown say when he phoned 9-1-1 – or did he call one of his cop buddies? Because if he claimed he was being followed by strangers looking to harm him, well his own driver kindly provided us with evidence to the contrary when he snorted; “We know who the f*** you are.”

But seriously, it’s getting a little tired watching Brown use the Peel Regional Police as though they were his private security guards. Brown used the police to shut down the practice of journalism some two years ago when the cops arrested me for trespassing. Yeah, I was standing on the parking lot of a taxpayer-funded community centre hoping to ask questions. But King Brown is not to be disturbed when he is playing hockey. Oh, by the way, we beat that bogus charge, too.

Despite his lying; his misuse of city staff; despite his manipulation of the police, Brown can’t catch a break. Hopefully, his record of failure will continue as he vies for the leadership of the CPC.

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