Myocarditis rates for young males and the need to publicize the real risks of COVID jabs

Kelly Brown is an independent financial investor and self-proclaimed accidental and unofficial COVID-19 data analyst.

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As an independent financial investor and self-proclaimed accidental and unofficial COVID-19 data analyst, Kelly Brown has been analyzing raw public health data to present factual interpretation to Torontonians, Ontarians and Canadians as a whole.

I first interviewed Kelly in October 2021 about the speech that he delivered to the Toronto Board of Health using data that showed a concerning incidence rate and upwards trend of post-vaccination myocarditis, predominately in young males.

At the time, and with Kelly’s help, I pointed some great questions to Toronto Public Health, which is overseen by Dr. Eileen DeVilla, Toronto’s medical officer of health.

Not only does she lead Toronto Public Health — Canada’s largest public health agency — she also advises the Toronto Board of Health which directs and oversees the work of Toronto Public Health.

The Toronto Board of Health determines and sets public health policy and advises Toronto City Council on a broad range of health issues.

That interview ended up sparking an Access to Information Request after Toronto Public Health told me that they “don’t take questions from Rebel News.”

Which, in a roundabout way, is what Kelly Brown’s speech alluded to: the need for transparent, accurate information to be disseminated to the public around the real risks associated with these injectables, and if the perceived benefit actually outweighs that risk.

There were many deputations heard at the Toronto Board of Health meeting on Monday, January 17 and you can find Kelly’s speech and the full meeting here.

In this interview, Kelly and I discuss the increases in myocarditis rates for young males, how public health is sowing distrust in themselves by downplaying or simply ignoring injection risks, and how out of touch the constant push for injection uptake is.

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