National Defence edits request for millions of disposable utensils after Trudeau's plastic ban

National Defence edits request for millions of disposable utensils after Trudeau's plastic ban
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The Department of National Defence has revised their request for millions of plastic utensils following the Liberal government's pledge to ban single-use plastics by 2021.

A request for disposable kitchen supplies was first posted on September 28, 2020 and then revised this morning to reflect Trudeau's new “green” standards.

The request states that in order to support their training activities across Alberta and Manitoba,

...many meals are provided to many customers, which often entails requiring disposable kitchen tableware and other kitchen supplies on very short notice.

Here are some of the items in the standing offer request, listed by estimated annual usage:

  • 47,000 8 oz. Styrofoam cups
  • 5,000 10 oz. Styrofoam cups
  • 5,000 lids for 8 oz. cups
  • 1,000 lids for 10 oz. cups
  • 30,000 4 oz. Styrofoam containers
  • 102,000 8 oz. Styrofoam containers
  • 25,000 10 oz. Styrofoam containers
  • 1,260 Rolls of plastic wrap
  • 1,175,000 Plastic knives
  • 1,175,000 Plastic forks
  • 775,000 Plastic spoons
  • 82,000 6 oz. clear plastic dessert containers

The request for standing offer has now been revised with new “mandatory requirements” corrections:

These mandatory requirements pertain to Green Disposable Tableware and Kitchen Supplies:

The offeror will be responsible for ensuring all products are “green”, in accordance with National Green product mandates. 

All Products must be certified as 100% biodegradable and compostable and made from 100% renewable resources. Certified wood products are acceptable.

As reported earlier this week by Rebel Newsthe Liberals are proceeding with their ban on single-use plastics, listing them as a schedule one toxin along with lead, CFCs, and mercury.

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