NDP MP melts down in front of the camera, parliament holds hearing on Emergencies Act Inquiry

“Have a good night, conservatives” shouts New Democrat member of Parliament from Alberta when pressed on Jagmeet Singh’s support of the Emergencies Act.

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While the Public Order Emergency Commission is currently holding an Inquiry on Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act to euthanize weeks of peaceful protest while the Freedom Convoy was in Ottawa, parliamentary hearings are taking place in Parliament regarding the same topic.

On October 27, Ottawa mayor Jim Watson, alongside colleagues from the Ottawa municipal government, appeared in front of politicians from all parties to discuss the necessity of using the Emergencies Act.

Watson spoke about the fact that Pierre Poilievre took pictures and spoke with the protesters. He took aim, saying it was inappropriate.

Following the hearing, Rebel News questioned Liberal MP Yasir Naqvi and NDP MP Matthew Green and Blake Desjarlais, to know their thoughts on new information that came out during the Emergencies Act Inquiry.

Desjarlais had a meltdown while refusing to answer the questions he was asked, choosing to change the topic and discuss the NDP’s so-called dental care plan. Desjarlais also yelled at the camera and sprinted away from Rebel News in order to avoid questions.

To watch how everything unfolded, take a look at the video above.

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