New Blue Party’s Jim and Belinda Karahalios weigh in on Ford’s vax pass flip-flop

But in Ontario Premier, Doug Ford’s party, not even the slightest amount of dissent is tolerated.

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Shockers! Just a few weeks ago, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said the province would not mandate a vaccination passport. He said that he did not want two-tier citizenship for Ontarians.

Well, folks, that was then and this is now.

Someone or something has yet again made the premier do yet another COVID flip flop in terms of policy.

Was it the medical community?

Was it big business?

Was it Ford’s inner circle of advisors?

Or was it maybe Doug’s imaginary 11-year-old friend, Arthur, who apparently now does double duty these days as the King’s Hand…

And so it is that as of Sept. 22, proof of vaccination will be required to access “non-essential” businesses in Ontario. This will include gyms, indoor restaurants, movie theatres, concerts and organized large gatherings. At time of writing, it is still permissible for the unvaccinated to remain in their basements baking cherry cheesecake…

Needless to say, Jim Karahalios, co-founder of the New Blue Party, and his wife Belinda Karahalios, president of that aforementioned party, are not the least bit surprised that Doug Ford continues to devolve into “Doug Fraud,” as his critics call him when it comes to telling the truth.

And there is little room for dissent in Ford’s party these days: Belinda, much like other PC MPPs such as Roman Baber, Rick Nicholls and Randy Hillier, was kicked out of caucus for dissenting opinions. In her case, it was voting against Bill 195 — even though this bill easily passed.

But in Premier Ford’s party, not even the slightest amount of dissent is tolerated. Indeed, it was Premier Ford who even blasted his own base as a “bunch of yahoos” when they began protesting the lockdowns going back to last year. Incredible.

Both Jim and Belinda have plenty to say in our exclusive interview, in which they claim that the Ontario PC party is now nothing short of “corrupt.”

And one thing is certain by now: given his never-ending flip-flops, Doug Ford is clearly not Rob Ford.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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