New Brunswick woman arrested, pinned by cops for entering store while mask exempt

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Wendy Kirkland is medically exempt from following the mask bylaw in her town of Woodstock, New Brunswick. It’s also her right not to be forced to share her private medical information with total strangers just to get a little shopping done.

In the time before the lockdown, society at large understood privacy and the notion that some disabilities are unseen but nevertheless real. Now in the toxic social soup of constant COVID hysteria, seeing someone with a bare face in a grocery store doesn’t trigger understanding about a possibly invisible medical condition, but can instead lead to police being called, tickets being issued for non compliance with mask bylaws, and in the case of Wendy, something much, much worse.

Last November, Wendy was at her local Hart store at the Carleton Mall. She was, as usual, not wearing a mask because she can’t. But the store staff didn’t seem to care. They called the cops after refusing her entry when Wendy wouldn’t provide proof of her medical condition to these total strangers upon demand. She is not obligated to.

When the cops showed up, Wendy ended up face down on the ground in the parking lot outside the store with two officers on top of her. She was tackled, flattened, handcuffed, arrested and then charged with obstruction. She kept photos of her injuries, which you’ll see today, and the photo of her arrest sparked outrage at how she was treated.

It outraged me, too. Getting groceries with a medical condition should not be illegal, and no one should be obligated to explain to a store clerk their private medical history just to be allowed inside a store. Wendy was treated inhumanely by the store, the cops, and then the media.

But we are going to help Wendy get fair treatment, with the support of Rebel News viewers. Though normally criminal charges are not part of our largest civil liberties initiative ever, what happened to Wendy was just too outrageous not to do something. It’s going to be very expensive, but Rebel News is helping Wendy fight her criminal charge in court at no cost to her through

If you’d like to help Wendy fight her charge, please donate today at Donations there now qualify for a charitable receipt through the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund.

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