Exclusive: New CRA documents reveal top secret meetings with Liberals about stripping pro-life groups of their charitable status

Emails hint at a 'secret finance request' linked to compliance and ongoing audits 'not to be discussed beyond the three of us'.

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The plan to attack the largely Christian-motivated work being done by crisis pregnancy centres began in advance of the Liberals' last election win in September 2021, although the Liberals made the cause a campaign issue and did not make an announcement about the plot until December 2021.

One October 1, 2021 email from a Health Canada official post-election quoted the Liberal platform directly, informing the Canada Revenue Agency the pro-life groups had to be stripped up charitable status for “providing dishonest counseling to women about their rights and about the options available to them at all stages of the pregnancy.”

“I am responsible for sexual and reproductive health at Health Canada and we are now turning our attention to implementation plans for new platform commitments," she wrote.

On September 10, 2022, ten days before the Liberals won the election, they were trying to put their campaign promises into place before they were even given a mandate by Canadians, asking CRA about “compliance considerations”:

“There are compliance considerations in terms of our ability to implement and, particularly for the anti-abortion item, considerations at registration”

By November, Finance was putting material together and seeking input from CRA — though only from people with Secret clearance:

“Do we have the necessary tools”

A further email hints at “another secret finance request” linked to compliance and ongoing audits “and it's not to be discussed beyond the 3 of us.”

The rest of the emails regarding the secret meetings are redacted.

Who in the Liberal government is tampering with the CRA's independence? Who is weaponizing the tax collectors to go after Justin Trudeau's ideological enemies for the crime of wanting to help women and girls?

We're going to keep digging but we need your help because we take no money from Justin Trudeau.

To fund our appeals of these redactions, and to aid in further investigations on the contamination of the CRA by the Liberals, consider making a donation at www.Rebelinvestigates.com.


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