New docs reveal lies spread by the Trudeau government about the Freedom Convoy

Reports of violent Freedom Convoy protesters damaging property and entering government buildings in Ottawa were circulated among officials according to new documents.

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New documents uncovered by Blacklock's Reporter revealed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government was circulating false information about the Freedom Convoy, fuelling the narrative that protesters were violent upon arriving in the nation's capital during the winter of 2022.

This information, as hinted at by Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino during a Commons committee hearing, made its way to the mainstream media, leading to further demonization of the truckers and their supporters who were protesting vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions.

This government-made misinformation was the topic of last night's monologue on The Ezra Levant Show.

Reacting to an email obtained by Blacklock's from Harry Gill, a high-ranking Ottawa bureaucrat, Ezra pointed out the glaring contradictions in this warning of supposed convoy-related violence:

It wasn't just an allegation or a rumour. The senior bureaucrat Harry Gill, deputy acting assistant commissioner, whatever, he says that it was in fact confirmed, various sources, closely monitoring, protesters are entering, they are causing damage, they're entering the buildings and causing damage.

But then he throws the word allegedly in there. Which is weird, because he just said it was confirmed and was giving details and said multiple sources said it. He says Minto Place, which is a large building downtown, says they were on lockdown. This (email) was sent to everyone in the regime.

Everyone got this report that was “confirmed.” So this wasn't an allegation or a rumour, it was confirmed. Take it from the big boss. Protesters were sacking the downtown core — except it was a wicked lie.

But it was all the regime media needed to confirm their biases against the truckers.

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