New year, same old medical tyranny. Why is B.C. still using vaccine mandates to prevent thousands of medical professionals from working?

In today 's report, we question the logic and science behind British Columbia being one of the few places in the world still forbidding unvaccinated workers from caring for patients.

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Despite regular emergency room closures and lethal delays in care bringing British Columbia’s healthcare system to its knees in 2022, the province has entered the new year with no sign it plans to end its draconian COVID-19 vaccine mandates which are still preventing thousands of healthcare workers from caring for British Columbians.

Given her callous admission of having "very little patience for people who aren't immunized in health care” just a few months before the province initially laid off close to 6000 unvaccinated healthcare workers in fall 2021, it’s not too surprising that the province's public health officer, Dr. Henry, hasn’t changed her stance on the policy.

However, a potential motive behind why elected political figures such as B.C. Minister of Health Adrian Dix and recently crowned Premier David Eby are still supporting the dangerous mandates is harder to grasp.

If a baby dropping dead while waiting too long for an understaffed ambulance system that is politically prevented from utilizing its experienced yet unemployed vaccine-free paramedics wasn’t enough of a sign that B.C. should end such mandates, the passionate plea to end them made by staff at Port Alberni’s West Coast General Hospital certainly should have been.

“West Coast General Hospital has experienced challenging repercussions to its perinatal and pediatric services due to the vaccine mandate,” reads part of the letter sent off to Dr. Henry, Minister Dix, and Premier Eby by the medical professionals.

The letter was signed by every nurse and physician from the hospital's perinatal unit. All of whom are desperate to have one of only two of their small city pediatricians named Dr. Chris McCollister back to work caring for the kids and new mothers who need him.

“Dr. Chris McCollister is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable physician. He goes above and beyond for his patients, their families, and the colleagues he works alongside. Chris's years of experience serving families in our West Coast Communities has led him to be a household name, known as 'Dr. Chris', by those he cares for. He is a genuine caregiver and a pillar of our community,” the letter continued.

According to the perinatal hospital staff, the province's vaccine mandate, which has robbed them of Dr. Chris, one of only two of their small city’s pediatricians,  has caused the hospital to have no pediatric coverage at times and the “diversion of expecting mothers, acutely ill babies and pediatric patients away from their families.”

Click on the full video report to hear more about B.C.’s refusal to join the majority of the world by ending their discriminatory vaccine mandates against healthcare workers. You’ll also hear a little about why these mandates don’t make sense statistically, thanks to some freedom of information documents Rebel News obtained from a politically terminated ER Nurse named Corinne Mori.

To support Dr. McCollister by helping to cover his legal expenses to fight to keep his licence to practice and maintain hospital privileges, you can make a tax-deductible charitable donation at our special website called 

All donations go to The Democracy Fund charity so that they can continue to cover the legal fees involved in his fight.

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