New Yorkers React to the Elite's Sustainable Bug Diet

The World Economic Forum makes it clear that bug diets play a central role in the sustainable future they’re working to bring about.

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The fact that the ruling class wants to replace nutritious meat and other animal proteins with insects has been deemed as conspiracy theory as recently as last year.

But for the past few months, the elite and their obedient friends in the media have been pushing the idea of replacing supposedly dirty unsustainable meat with bugs, crickets and mealworms.

The World Economic Forum, the thought leaders of the globalist agenda, has recently gone into overdrive pushing the bugs as food narrative. The WEF explains that eating insects can reduce climate change and that insects “deserve a role” in our diets.

The WEF explained their goal is more than just publishing articles on the topic. They wish to change public perception and public regulatory policy.

They wrote that we, meaning the Forum, need to “overcome the last major barriers” which are “preconceived ideas about insects as a source of food and legislation with regard to the use and consumption of proteins derived from insects.”

The Forum makes clear that bug diets play a central role in the sustainable future they’re working to bring about.

PBS, which has received millions from the Gates foundation, as recently as last week aired a new documentary pushing the bug eating agenda.

The documentary “Edible Insects” was promoted on their social media as being “a tasty look at insect foods that could benefit our health and our warming planet.”

Last year, TIME magazine, a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, which had an entire magazine edition last year called The Great Reset, featured an article in their not-so-subtly titled “2030” edition which called for “eating insects to save the planet.” The WEF partner wrote that bugs are healthy and sustainable and asked why humans don’t eat more of them.

What do regular people think of this? Since everyday citizens have little say or control over the decisions of our regulatory agencies, they’ll likely also have little say if crickets will get introduced into everyday foods or not.

Rebel News reporter Jeremy Loffredo asked people in New York City if they’ll eat bugs to fight the “climate crisis.”

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