SPECIAL: 'Newsmaker of the year' Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins Ezra Levant for in-depth interview

One of the leading faces against COVID tyranny in Canada, Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins Ezra Levant for a special in-depth conversation on the year that was.

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Described by Ezra Levant as Canada's newsmaker of the year, Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins Ezra for an in-depth conversation about the year that was.

Touching on the issues that saw him rise to prominence as an opponent of Alberta, and all of Canada's, fanatical COVID restrictions, Pastor Artur explains what motivated him to take a stance against the government's assault on civil liberties.

From being the first case at FightTheFines.com, to his dramatic arrest on a highway, to his battles in the courtroom that saw a judge impose a compelled speech clause — and the reversal of that decision by an appeal's court — Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Ezra Levant reflect upon the wild ride that was 2021.


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