No arrests or charges at weekly Toronto protest after Ford grants officers more power

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What a difference half a day makes!

At 12:01 a.m. Saturday, new rules kicked in in Ontario. On Friday afternoon, Premier Doug Ford had said, “everything was on the table” (including, we presume, a heaping helping of cherry cheesecake). And so it was that at the stroke of midnight, a whole new raft of super-sized lockdown orders came into effect. That’s because since lockdowns don’t work — as the past year has shown us again and again — it somehow makes perfect sense for this premier to double down on lockdown lunacy.

Amongst the new draconian orders was one pertaining to “outdoor gatherings.” Namely: “All outdoor social gatherings and organized public events will be prohibited, except for members of the same household. A person who lives alone could join one other household.”

Nowhere in the order was there an exemption for protests, not even — shockers! — for Black Lives Matter protests!

So there was much speculation that the regular Saturday high noon gathering of the “Yahoos” on the northern lawns of Queen’s Park would result in a whack ‘em and stack ‘em reception from the rank and file of the Toronto Police Service.

But even though hundreds of members of Yahoo Nation showed up, clearly violating the outdoor gathering rule, we did not witness a single ticket issued, nor an arrest, nor a free Uber ride by way of the police paddy wagon.

Why? Well, get this: not only are Ontarians sick and tired of the lockdowns, but so too are the members of law enforcement. Within hours of the new rules being announced, many Ontario police departments publicly announced they would NOT be enforcing Premier Ford’s orders to randomly stop citizens and demand their identification. And so it was that for a delightful change, police allowed the Queen’s Park demonstration to go ahead — and even escorted the protestors through the streets of downtown Toronto. Wow! A tip of the hat to Toronto’s Finest.

Undoubtedly, Premier Ford was humiliated on Saturday. So much so that Ontario’s top cherry cheesecake aficionado started flip-flopping on the new rules — such as his imbecilic idea of closing playgrounds to children. After all, how does the closure of a playground in Owen Sound help with a Wuhan virus outbreak in a Toronto long-term care facility or at a warehouse in Brampton?

Way to go, Dougie! Now, how about flip-flopping on those other moronic rules you put into play? How about letting people be people? How about opening up the economy? Indeed, check out the file footage of the 2018 Ontario provincial election. You’ll find there was a certain leader back then who ran on the slogans, “For the People” and “Ontario: Open for Business.”

Gee, whatever happened to that guy?

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  • By Rebel News


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