No Days Off: People Vs. Predators in action in Edmonton, Red Deer over the long weekend

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It may have been the last long weekend of summer, but the citizen activists with People Vs. Predators didn’t take a single day off, warning Alberta’s capital city of a recently released dangerous pedophile, and working to keep a suspected child sex offender in jail in Red Deer.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, People Vs. Predators (PvP) describe themselves as “individuals from all walks of life, who have come together with a common goal and interest; to advocate for victims, invoke change, and to ensure community safety.”

They do this in two ways. First, PvP warns neighbourhoods that a convicted sex offender is being released into their midst, through pamphlets and posters, community awareness BBQs and protests.

Secondarily, PvP works to give communities a voice in the legal system by collecting signatures on petitions, asking that courts deny bail to accused pedophiles who are awaiting trial. These petitions can be presented at bail hearings and can be used as grounds to revoke bail.

The tactic has been effective. In one case, the offender, Wade Stene, volunteered to have his own bail revoked because he couldn’t handle the peaceful pressure PvP was putting on him.

PvP Admin Cheri Easton was in Red Deer collecting signatures to deny the bail of Brandon Conlin on Friday and Saturday. Conlin has been charged with child luring, sexual assault, sexual interference, and possession of child pornography. He remains in custody until his next court appearance on September 14, and PvP plans to be ready at that bail hearing to show a judge the community wants to keep Conlin in jail.

Then on Sunday, Mike Meilleur and Cheri were hosting a community BBQ awareness event back in Edmonton to warn the McConachie neighbourhood of Curtis Poburan, a child sex offender with a decades-long criminal history of offences against children. Poburan was released in June without conditions and by July he was charged with a new offence and now, he’s out on bail. PvP wants him to be declared a dangerous offender and they are working to get his bail revoked for his latest alleged offence.

People Vs. Predators told me they have had an outpouring of support from Rebel News viewers. PvP finds new cases and new communities with new victims asking for help almost every day.

There is no shortage of creeps being released and suspected pedophiles getting bail into unsuspecting communities.

By June, Alberta’s prison population was down 35 per cent . The pandemic is making it easier than ever for dangerous people to get COVID release from prisons and jails.

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