No More Shots! An urgent plea to Health Canada after vaccines were confirmed to be contaminated

Health Canada has confirmed knowledge of undisclosed DNA contaminants in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine vials, raising concerns over long-term safety risks and prompting a call for the regulator to immediately halt these vaccines due to regulatory issues and the potential for genomic integration.

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The recent revelation that Health Canada has confirmed the presence of at least one previously undisclosed plasmid, a residual DNA sequence, in the novel mRNA COVID-19 vaccine vials from Pfizer is a shocking discovery.

The unknown but potentially far-reaching safety implications of this dicey discovery should be the nail in the coffin that these injections come not only with great long-term and intergenerational safety risks but also offer little to no benefit.

It seems high time to heed the warning of silenced, censored and threatened international experts who recently called for an immediate halt to the novel injections, as it becomes increasingly clear that investigations into the potential repercussions and long-term safety profile should be thoroughly conducted.

The amount of misinformation espoused by those who claim to be about debunking it only continues to mount, like when infectious disease researcher Tara Moriarity spread blatant misinformation during a Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Vaccine Policy town hall.

In September 2021 she spread false safety information to Canada’s largest public-sector union and downplayed safety concerns, telling union members the shots stay in the shoulder.

Oddly, Moriarity lists building vaccine confidence and community engagement to overcome vaccine and health misinformation as one of her main research interests.

But immunologist and virologist Doctor Byram Bridle alerted the public to biodistribution data, that is, that the shots do not stay in the deltoid (shoulder), as early as May of 2021.

That was at least four months before the likes of Moriarity advised Canada’s largest union on how to implement vaccine mandates for its members and downplayed their very real safety concerns.

But this goes back to the onset of market authorization.

Just as the novel injections were being authorized under an interim emergency order in December of 2020, the Canadian state broadcaster was telling Canadians that no, mRNA vaccines won't alter your DNA.

Which is proving to be not entirely true.

There’s now evidence that contaminants housed within the vials of these novel products can, and do in fact, interact with your genes, your DNA.

As explained by a former health Canada regulatory reviewer, there is no standardization or regulation of the lipid nanoparticles that house the mRNA, which leaves more questions than answers about these novel concoctions and what mechanisms are at play after being injected.

The rollout of these injections and the brazenly unjustified reason for doing so is a convoluted, seemingly ever-evolving unfolding that Rebel News has been covering since the spring of 2021.

And now, the potential for genomic integration and the culpability of pharma for hiding the increased risk of adverse events, for an injection that does not stop infection or transmission, is exactly why international experts have called for an immediate moratorium on them.

Plus, people are done.

Provincial data shows that booster uptake is at an all-time low, so why has Health Canada continued to secure up to 35 million more Moderna doses in and up to 60 million more Pfizer doses in 2024?

It makes no sense from a fiscal conservative standpoint that we’re buying up these risky biological products while people continue to suffer adverse events in silence and the maligned as conspiracy theorists turn out to be right.

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