Non-medical face coverings don't protect from COVID-19 | PPE instructor Chris Schaefer speaks out

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Mask mandates are quickly spreading across Canada. But why?

We all know that higher-grade masks that actually show some effectiveness in viral protection, like the N95 respirators, are not widely available to the public. And no matter where you go, “face coverings” is the terminology of choice — cloths and bandanas that offer a false sense of security and aren’t even medical-grade masks!

A detailed report released this month from the Center for Disease Control stated that “Until a cloth mask design is proven to be equally effective as a medical or N95 mask, wearing cloth masks should not be mandated for healthcare workers.”

That makes sense, right? Health care workers have to get up close and personal with patients. They need proper protection, not facial rags.

But if we fully know that cloth masks are ineffective, and wouldn’t give them to healthcare workers  why give them to citizens?

Why do citizens who are healthy, capable, and willing to distance themselves from strangers have to cover their face with something we know won’t protect them from COVID?

My colleague, Tamara Ugolini, reported on one potential side effect that is being referred to as “mask mouth” since some dentists have seen a 50 per cent increase in patients presenting with gum disease and oral decay that they believe is related to mask wearing.

Not to mention that reports of discrimination against disabled people who cannot wear a mask are on the rise everywhere. In Ontario, just last month, a Trenton McDonalds refused service a 78 year old who wears an oxygen tank, because she is unable to wear a mask!

To get a better understanding of this cloth mask chaos, I interviewed an expert: Chis Schaefer from Safecom Training Services. For 27 years, Chris has trained medical professionals on personal protective equipment.

By the way: If you’re unable to wear a mask, Rebel News can help you with that! We hired a lawyer to comb through the mask mandates and have come up with mask exemption cards and buttons.

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