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Nora Loreto bashed the Humbolt Broncos. Now she's teaching a whites-only anti-racism workshop

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Ah, your tax dollars hard at work yet again, folks.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada last night staged a seminar in Toronto entitled, “An Introduction to Anti-Racism for White Folks: A conversation between Paige Galette and Nora Loreto”

Let’s dissect that title, shall we?

Why is it only an anti-racism seminar for white folks? Doesn’t that imply that persons of colour are naturally non-racist? 

But even more problematic is one of the co-hosts: Nora Loreto.

That can’t be right. Surely Nora Loreto of all people in our great Dominion was not lecturing the rank and file on… racism?

If Nora Loreto’s name rings a bell, it should. She is that hateful and spiteful woman who weighed in on the Humboldt Broncos tragedy, a tragedy that shocked an entire nation:

“I’m trying to not get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfulness and the whiteness of the victims are, of course, playing a significant role.”

In other words, if the occupants of that doomed bus were predominantly female, if they were older, and if they were more diverse, Canadians would have just collectively shrugged their shoulders, and NOT have donated millions to the GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the care of those survivors who were left disabled?

The mind reels.

And when people reacted with outrage over that disgustingly racist and sexist tweet, Loreto went into the fetal position on her couch, wept, and complained that the negative reaction was triggering her; that she was the victim.

And this is the person the PSAC has hired to explain “the difference between non-racism and anti-racism”?

But that’s the way it goes these days, hockey fans in the era of cancel culture. A beloved Canadian icon such as Don Cherry is forced to walk the plank for defending the poppy and saying “you people, but Nora Loreto remains the editor of the Canadian Association of Labour Media and is invited to lecture the Caucasian rank and file of the Public Service Alliance of Canada on… how to not be racist?!

Wow. I’m all for free speech and free expression.

But on one caveat: do it on your own dime.

Frankly, it’s nauseating that Nora Loreto has a platform to begin with.

But the fact that a publicly-funded union is paying for this tripe with OUR tax dollars. That actually makes it vomit-inducing.

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