Not embracing hydroxychloroquine was a missed opportunity | Interview with Dr. Mark Trozzi (part 3)

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Last year, hydroxychloroquine suddenly became a household word given that several prominent figures, including former U.S. president Donald Trump, began praising the drug as a means of treating COVID-19. Alas, there was no shortage of naysayers who stated that this drug isn’t an effective solution when it comes to the Wuhan virus. So, with 20/20 hindsight, did hydroxychloroquine get a bum rap?

Well, according to veteran physician/whistleblower Dr. Mark Trozzi, the answer is yes.

For starters, hydroxychloroquine is not a new drug; rather, it has been around for some 65 years. And it’s relatively cheap. And in many countries the world over, a consumer can purchase hydroxychloroquine over the counter without a prescription.

In fact, those nations that allow for over-the-counter sales of hydroxychloroquine have far lower COVID-19 death rates than those countries where the drug is not readily available. Dr. Trozzi notes that sub-Saharan Africa is a comparatively poor region, but has a comparatively low COVID-19 mortality rate.

So, the question arises: why wasn’t hydroxychloroquine robustly pursued as a potential cure for COVID-19, and a very affordable one at that? Was it simply because president Trump was such a booster of this drug? Dr. Trozzi thinks this could very well be the reason, meaning that it was petty politics — and perhaps the lobbying of big pharmaceutical companies that were more enamoured with the idea of costly vaccines — that was responsible for hydroxychloroquine hitting a dead end.

How sad, for it looks like there is a far worse and more debilitating virus than COVID-19: namely, Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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