Nova Scotia Complaint

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Here's an example complaint:

I have asthma and use an inhaler, so I can't wear a mask. My doctor wrote a medical exemption note for me. On February 1, 2021, I went shopping to the X Grocery Store without a mask. The store manager saw me and told me that I cannot shop there without a mask. I told him that I have a medical exemption. The manager told me that I need to put on a mask or leave. I kept saying that I have a medical exemption, but the store manager told me that it's against the law for me to be shopping without a mask. He told me that if I won't leave, he will call the police. So I left the store without being able to buy groceries for the week.

Here's how to file the complaint:

In order to file a complaint, you need to contact the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission at:

Toll-free in Nova Scotia: 1-877-269-7699
Local in Halifax: 902-424-4111

The Commission’s contact information can be found on its website at

A human rights officer will speak to you and if he or she finds that your complaint falls under the protection of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, the officer will draft your complaint. This is called filing a complaint. Complaint forms filled out by someone other than the Commission staff will not be accepted.

Here's a sample form for your reference:

Note: A sample complaint form is not available. This is because the Commission’s human rights officers prepare draft complaints themselves. Complaint forms filled out by someone other than the Commission staff will not be accepted.


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