Nova Scotia mass shooting: Rebel News heading to Halifax to report on Trudeau-RCMP scandal

Canada’s largest mass shooting is quickly morphing into what may be one of the country's largest RCMP (and Trudeau government) scandals. That's why Rebel News is sending reporters to Nova Scotia so we can bring you news you can trust on what happens next.

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Shocking information continues to pour out of an ongoing public inquiry into the worst mass shooting in Canadian history.

That is the April 2020 massacre, where denturist Gabriel Wortman disguised himself as a police officer and went on a two-day killing spree that took the lives of 22 people in Nova Scotia.

However, Wortman may not have been the only person at the time disguised as someone working to serve and protect Canadians when they were not.

Evidence out of the ongoing public inquiry, which is called the Mass Casualty Commission, suggests that while Canadians were in shock and the victims' families were preparing to bury their slayed loved ones, the Trudeau Liberal government and their pet RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki were busy colluding on how best to exploit the massacre to further the Liberals' political gun ban agenda against law-abiding firearm owners.

That label would not apply to mass murderer Gabriel Wortman, as it has been revealed that he had illegally acquired the firearms that were in his possession.

This tale of political interference that, if successful, could have sabotaged the Nova Scotia RCMP’s investigation of the the mass shooting, is a disgrace to this nation.

Documents released by the Commission last Tuesday detail Commissioner Brenda Lucki pressuring Nova Scotia RCMP officers to prematurely release specific details to the press about the guns Wortman had using during his rampage, even though the officers told her that doing so would pose a risk to their investigation.

Why would Lucki insert herself this way?

According to the notes of superintendent Darren Campbell, who is in good standing with the RCMP, Lucki expressed her disappointment during a meeting with the Nova Scotia RCMP for not obeying her politically-driven guidance, because she had made a promise to the Minister of Public Safety at the time, Bill Blair, and Prime Minister Trudeau’s office, that such details would be released.

That promise was related to the Liberal government's pending gun ban legislation at the time.

That meeting took place 10 days after the mass murder and three days after that, Trudeau announced his unilateral gun ban.

Bu that’s not all.

On Friday, we learned from the Commission that the Department of Justice originally withheld the four pages of Superintendent Campbell’s notes that detailed the allegations of political interference, despite them being subpoenaed to release all of the RCMP’s files on the investigation.

You can find out all those details, including the Department of Justice's response to that, in the article here.

My question is: what on earth are we going to find out next?

Since it involves Trudeau and his buddy at the head of the RCMP, can we really trust his state broadcasters at the CBC to cover this transparently?

That is why myself and Lincoln Jay are teaming up to cover this week's proceedings for you, in-person, in Halifax. You’ll hear what we hear and be able to know what happens right away through our live-tweet coverage of the proceedings. You’ll get video reports to fill you in and summarize with more context, and you’ll also learn what we learn from speaking with the people in some of the communities where this roaming massacre took place.

It's taken an independent public inquiry for you to become aware of this government scandal, and it should be an independent news outlet who makes sure you’re aware of it fully. Unlike over 95% of the media in Canada who take money from the Trudeau government's media bailout, we are accountable only to you.

That’s why we are asking for your help.

We estimate the total cost for these upcoming reports to be just shy of $5,500 for expenses such as our economy flights, meals on the go, modest hotel accommodations and transportation including a car rental and gas for going to and from the affected communities.

If you would like to support our work and can help cover the expenses involved in our coverage, please go to and help us recoup those costs.

While you’re there, you can also sign our petition demanding the head of the RCMP, Brenda Lucki, be fired from her position as commissioner to make room for someone we can trust to not be influenced by political agendas ever — let alone during something as devastating as the country's deadliest mass shooting.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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