NY Gov. Cuomo singles out Jewish community for COVID restrictions | Dov Hikind with Ezra Levant

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New York state has been one of the hardest hit regions in the United States during the coronavirus pandemic. The mismanagement of the response to the virus, namely by sending COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, has led to the grim distinction of New York topping the list for the number of deaths per state.

The state has seen an uptick in cases after its devastating Spring, though this time the death rate has remained relatively low. That hasn't stopped Governor Andrew Cuomo from imposing tight restrictions on residents of The Empire State, with a particular focus on the Jewish community.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, former N.Y. state assemblyman and founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, Dov Hikind, joined to discuss the plight of New York's Jewish community.

Dov told Ezra about how Governor Cuomo is obsessed with the Orthodox Jewish community, and has been targeting them with language unheard of anywhere else in the country, or even across the world:

I can not think of a single case where any religious group... where any group has been identified. [No one is saying] oh it's the Italians, it's the Irish, it's the Catholics, it's the Muslims, it's the Protestants.

Nowhere in the world has this happened except in New York and it has actually caused an outbreak of hate. There have been a number of assaults, there have been other, numerous, stories that have come to me from people [saying] Jews have the virus.

I mean, that's what Cuomo says; that's the impression. Day after day he gets on television and talks about this, and it is causing irreparable damage.

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