NZ Immigration CONFIRMS Interpol's interference to ban Avi Yemini

Jacinda Ardern's CIRCLE OF LIES is closing in

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Immigration New Zealand has confirmed Interpol's interference in refusing entry to Australian Rebel reporter Avi Yemini.

In a statement to The Platform, General Manager of Border and Visa Operations, Nicola Hogg said:

"Due to information we had received from Interpol Wellington about Mr Yemini's criminal convictions prior to his travel date, we were able to advise Mr Yemini prior to boarding his plane that he did not appear to meet character requirements to be granted a visa on arrival in New Zealand."

This comes after BFD leaked a secret internal Interpol memo fishing for reasons to ban Yemini. In the email to their Australian counterparts, Interpol Wellington asserted the request came from NZ Police.

"NZ Police would like to stop the two from entering NZ and URGENTLY seek any information regarding criminal convictions or any information tending to show they are individuals of bad character, associated to criminal groups and individuals or Far-Right extremism groups."

However, in a separate statement, NZ Police blamed Immigration New Zealand:

"It's important to note that any decision to deny entry into the country is ultimately a matter for Immigration New Zealand."

Avi Yemini says, "the circle of lies are tightening", as everyone from Jacinda Ardern down points the finger at others.

"That's why we're taking legal action, and with our viewer's help, we will expose the truth," Yemini added.

Currently, the Prime Minister and NZ Police both blame NZ Immigration, who blames Interpol, who accuses NZ Police.

Yemini's previous conviction for a summary offence does not meet the threshold for refusal as per the New Zealand Immigration Act.

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