Ohio Explosion: We're in East Palestine trying to uncover the truth

With so many rumours circulating online, our team of Rebel reporters travelled from Toronto, Ontario, to East Palestine, Ohio, to reveal what's actually happening on the ground at the site of a major train derailment.

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What's happening in the small village of East Palestine, Ohio? A major train derailment of 50 cars carrying very hazardous chemicals took place in East Palestine on February 3. An evacuation order was declared, and just fivedays later on Feb. 8, residents were told they could return home.

Although residents have returned to the village, we are seeing videos online of damage to the local wildlife and pollution in the waters.

Who's to blame? Who's responsible? The Biden administration has been suspiciously quiet regarding one of the the most serious and dangerous environmental disasters to date. The secretary of transportation, Pete Buttigieg, spoke about Chinese spy balloons instead addressing the elephant in the room.

Norfolk Southern is the company responsible for the train, and many local residents are left questioning how transparent authorities at the company are being when it comes to the potential health hazards relating from the release of toxins into the area.

That's why we travelled from Toronto down here to Ohio — to get the other side of the story and show you what's really happening on the ground in East Palestine.

You can see all of our latest updates at OhioExplosion.com, as we speak with locals and officials to uncover what the corporate media doesn't want you to hear. At that same site, you can help chip in to cover our modest costs and accommodations.

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