OLG keeps selling lottery tickets but won't pay out prizes over $10K — blames coronavirus

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“No prize/Non cadeaux!”

Even during a deadly global pandemic, at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, the house always wins, baby.

In fact, the house is winning more-so than ever before!You see, while the OLG is happy to sell you as many lottery tickets as you can possibly buy, the OLG has suspended paying out prizes greater than $10,000 until the Coronovirus pandemic is over!

Can you imagine? Ostensibly, this is being done to prevent OLG staffers working at the Toronto Prize Centre from contracting Covid-19.

But wait a second — what about those OLG workers who need to put the balls in the machines?

They’re still on the clock. What about their health and safety? (Oh, right — they are responsible for revenue in, not revenue out.)

So, now winners of $10K+ prizes will have to wait months to cash in their winning lotto tickets — even though these funds are likely needed immediately more so than ever before due to massive layoffs.

But why? Prize verification can surely be done remotely. Everything is digital. But then again, that might require some extra think-outside-the-box work by those who work at the government-owned gambling monopoly. So, forget about it! It’s easier to suspend payments.

Well played, OLG! You have tweaked your so-called “idiot tax” to a new level in that now you need not pay out money to those who won their jackpots fair and square and who likely desperately need that cash immediately.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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