On a chilly night, Trudeau receives a frosty reception outside a carpenters’ union HQ in Vaughan, Ont.

Numerous Canadian flags were on display, some right-side up, some upside-down (not a symbol of disrespect, but of a nation in distress.)

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For reasons that remain mysterious to us, Justin Trudeau dropped by the Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario in Vaughan to deliver a speech on… something (being unapproved/non-government funded media, Rebel News journalists were not allowed into the venue and were threatened with trespass for even standing outside in the parking lot.)

In any event, carpenters being hard-working blue-collar employees, Trudeau did his du rigueur routine of doffing his suit jacket and rolling up his shirtsleeves… you know, so that he can pretend he knows how to work with his hands when in fact it might be questionable if this former part-time drama teacher knows how to correctly hold a hammer…

According to Alyshah Hasham of the Toronto Star (a state-funded and Trudeau-approved propaganda machine), apparently the focus of Trudeau’s speech was to compare Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre to former U.S. President Donald Trump.

In Hasham’s story, headlined, “Is Pierre Poilievre taking a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook? Justin Trudeau seems to think so”, she writes: “The ‘Canada is broken’ rhetoric from the Conservatives in Canada is out of Donald Trump’s failed political playbook, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday evening."

“’There’s an ease out there in political circles’ with saying ‘oh, everything’s broken. It’s all broken. We have to change and start over,’ Trudeau said at a gathering of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in Vaughan."

“Trudeau does not usually talk openly about his frustrations with the former president, who was more public about his antagonism toward the prime minister from 2015 to 2020, which made the comparison between Trump and Poilievre notable."

“’Well, you know what? They tried that down in the United States. Someone who said he was going to fix everything and fed into anger, disconnect, and frustration by so many people in the United States. It didn’t leave them any better off,’ Trudeau said."

Talk about not knowing who’s in the room. We suspect that most carpenters would be pro-Donald Trump given the former president’s economic record when he was in power – i.e., record low unemployment, low interest rates, energy independence, and no inflation. Trump was a president for the working man and woman.

We wanted to interview the carpenters exiting the venue, but many said they were ordered not to speak to the media. Ah, sunny ways, indeed!

Anyway, while Trudeau was droning on to the carpenters inside the venue, outside the building dozens of Trudeau demonstrators gathered. Numerous Canadian flags were on display, some right-side up, some upside-down (not a symbol of disrespect, but of a nation in distress.) As well, there was a smattering of F--- Trudeau flags (and surely somewhere in our great dominion, the testicular-challenged Erin O’Toole weeps…) Our favourite flag was one that condemned racism, the image on the flag being Justin Trudeau in blackface.

We had some questions to ask the prime minister, but again, because Rebel News is not government-funded media, we were barred from the venue under threat of trespass. (At least we were not given a beating by Trudeau’s Royal Canadian Mounted Henchmen, much like the outrageous and egregious smackdown that occurred on December 2021 when we were practicing journalism on a public sidewalk in Toronto.)

We especially wanted to ask the PM about the recent news via a CSIS whistleblower that China interfered with the 2021 Canadian federal election.

The goal of Beijing was two-fold: one, to ensure the Trudeau Liberals form a minority government (translation: communist China likes Justin Trudeau but they would prefer he be kept on a short leash); and secondly, the Chinses commies wanted to make certain those Conservative candidates who espoused a less-than-favourable view of China get defeated. On that front, former Conservative leader O’Toole says that Chinese interference cost the Conservatives nine seats in the last federal election.)

Indeed, the question arises: when did Trudeau first learn of Chinese interference? And secondly, was Trudeau complicit in the interference? After all, China was on his side. And we know how Trudeau has admiration for the basic dictatorship of China in terms of “getting things done” (like, um, rigging an election, perhaps?)

Not to worry: Prime Minister Blackface McGroper promises to get to the bottom of this scandal. Which is to say he is going full speed ahead to find out who the CSIS whistleblower is. Yes, Trudeau wants to shoot the messenger rather than deal with the odious message itself. Sad.

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