One Liberal drops out of the Conservative leadership race (only a few more to go!)

Former Liberal-turned-Conservative MP Leona Alleslev has dropped out of the leadership race. Is it any wonder grassroots conservatives didn't support her?

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While absolutely nobody was paying attention, the sorta/kinda/maybe Conservative Leona Alleslev dropped out of the leadership race after failing to come up with the full $300,000 in entry fees.

Gee, I wonder why Ms. Alleslev couldn’t make this fiscal benchmark?

Could it be that grassroots conservatives are sick and tired of Liberals in Conservative clothing running for the leadership?

Especially given that the last stud-to-dud was Erin O’Toole, who transformed himself into Mr. Liberal-Lite in the last election, flip-flopping on carbon taxes and the gun grab, and thereby dooming himself to humiliating defeat at the hands of Prime Minister Blackface McGrabber?

As a sidebar note, perhaps one of the greatest victories of the Ottawa trucker convoy was O’Toole being ousted as leader. To this day, nobody knows what O’Toole’s position is on the convoy, which speaks volumes about this Tory edition of Mr. Dithers and why he is yesterday’s man.

But back to the issue of the current crop of fake Conservatives.

Because with the departure of Alleslev, the field is restricted to Jean Charest, the former Liberal premier of Quebec for eight years. And of course, Sneaky Patrick Brown, full-time mayor of Brampton and part-time Zamboni inspector.

Brown would’ve been premier of Ontario going back to 2018, but he threw social conservatives under the bus. And then he threw fiscal conservatives under the bus. And when there were no more conservatives left to screw-over, the PC Party thankfully threw crybaby Patrick Brown under the bus.

But just check out the bona fides of Leona Alleslev.

She was actually voted in as Liberal member of Parliament for Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill in 2015. Full disclosure, I live in this riding.

But Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill is one of those swing ridings. And the scuttlebutt was internal polling in 2018 determined that the riding was going to go Conservative again in 2019.

So it was that Alleslev crossed the floor, joined the Conservatives, and for reasons beyond my comprehension, then-leader Andrew Scheer made her deputy leader. Maybe it was to entice other Liberals to cross the floor? Who knows? Alas and alack, last year the riding swung back to Team Red, and Alleslev was out of a job.

Karma is a witch, isn’t folks?

Now, even though I am a constituent in Alleslev’s riding, I’ve never been able to have a conversation with Leona. I reached out to Alleslev regarding her decision to step down as a candidate and her response was the following:

Thank you so very much for this invitation, but I will not be doing any interviews at this time. Wishing you well.

Well, it was a polite decline. But it was kinda reminiscent of this response the other day on Parliament Hill by Witchie-Poo:

That’s par for the course for Alleslev. The last time I bumped into her was at a vigil in 2020 in Richmond Hill for those Canadians who were assassinated by the Iranian government when Ukraine International Airlines 752 was shot down. All 176 people on board were killed, including 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents.

There were politicians of all levels and all political stripes at the Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre.

Conspicuous by his absence, however, was the MP for Richmond Hill, Majid Jowhari. That was probably a good move on his part, given that most of the attendees were Persian Canadians… the type of people who fled Iran’s tyranny.

But Jowhari is, incredibly, a supporter of the murderous Iranian regime. If he had dared to show his face, it might’ve been an unsafe scenario for him given how emotional this vigil was.

Yet, post-vigil, when I sought comment from Leona Alleslev, check out what happened:

Yes, she literally ran away. I imagine she didn’t want to say something impolite about her former caucus member and friend. Despicable.

Bottom line: in a way, I must applaud Ms. Alleslev for leading by example in abandoning her quest for Conservative Party leader.

Now my wish is this: can the other fake Conservatives — yeah, I’m looking at you Charest and Brown — follow suit and get the hell out of Tory Town? Hey, I’m not saying you can’t run for office. But know your role. Which is to say, run under Liberal red or NDP orange. This party is already too infected with phoney baloney Tories. And that’s the primary reason this party has languished as the official Opposition these past seven years.

All of which brings me to my final point, which is this: hey, Conservative Party brass, are you paying attention? Your supporters are sick and tired of Liberals passing themselves off as Conservatives.

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