Ontario doctor speaks up about COVID deaths — how many are smoke and mirrors?

Dr. Luchkiw says she faced pressure from hospital administrators to tamper with patient death records.

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Dr. Crystal Luchkiw, an Ontario doctor whose license to practice medicine has been suspended, alleges a shocking incident of coercion and medical fraud in the hospital that she previously held privilege at.

Yet those responsible have not had their reputations slandered through their communities or practicing duties revoked as Luchkiw’s have been.

In this interview, Dr. Luchkiw shares that she was pressured by hospital administrators — where she worked as a palliative care physician — to tamper with a patient death certificate.

“This patient was in her 80s, passed away from cancer, and for whatever reason, she was tested for COVID just hours before she passed. No family member was contacted for permission to invade her dying body to have this test done and five hours after her death, I was informed that this test resulted positive,” details Luchkiw.

A nurse then requested Luchkiw return to change the death certificate, at which point Luchkiw refused.

The charge nurse then followed up, again requesting Luchkiw change the cause of death.

Luchkiw recalls the conversation: “This patient tested positive for COVID on this random test that we decided to do and you need to come back to change the death certificate.”

The patient was also tested two days prior to her death and was negative for COVID-19. Luchkiw asserts that COVID “had zero influence on her cause of death” for this reason.

Yet the prompting to change the death certificate continued.

“I was then called by another level of administration in the hospital demanding that I change the death certificate because this person tested positive for COVID. Do you know how many other causes of death there are in the world? I had done a very thorough job of determining that [cancer] was the cause of death and [laid out] other factors that may have contributed,” says Luchkiw.

Luchkiw’s resident, a junior physician unable to practice independently, was then asked to go and change the death certificate when she continued to refuse.

“It was beyond aggressive. I’ve never witnessed or experienced anything like that before. And I filled out a lot of death certificates as a palliative doctor,” says Luchkiw. “Instead of anyone dealing with this major unethical issue, that is considered fraud, I’m the one that’s being attacked for calling out the behaviour and actions that are happening in the hospital.”

Dr. Luchkiw cannot ascertain why there was such an adamant push to alter the death certificate of this particular patient. Whether it’s from fear, ideological pressure, or a hospital policy.

“I was not made aware of any [hospital] policy that if somebody tests positive [for COVID] it bumps [every other cause of death].”

When questioned on funding for COVID-related deaths, Luchkiw does not know if that played a role in this unfolding.

“I think that it is a really significant element that should come to light — were hospitals gaining extra funding for COVID deaths? And if so, were there other cases like mine? And other physicians who were not as critical?”

Ontarians knew as early as June 24, 2020, when Toronto Public Health (Canada’s largest health unit) tweeted the following:

The skewing of data, combined with the inaccurate fear-mongering by public health officials, paints a ghoulish picture.

Such as when Dr. Deena Hinshaw capitalized on the tragic death of a teen due to cancer as a COVID-related death to terrorize the general public.

Stories like this only came to light when family members went public.

Yet COVID-related ICU admissions cost hospitals $23,000 each — approximately 4x the cost of a typical stay for influenza.

The cost of COVID-related hospitalizations in Canada tripled between November 2020 and March 2021, totaling nearly one billion dollars in 2020-2021.

And what was rolled out during that time period of tripling costs? The novel injections, in December of 2020.

This paved the way for increased provincial funding, like in Ontario where the Doug Ford Progressive Conservatives committed over 1.2 billion dollars to publicly funded hospitals in late March of 2021.

So, how much of this has all been smoke and mirrors for increased funding?

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