Ontario father says the depiction of pornographic content in school library books is ‘child abuse’

The disturbing content is easily accessible by children of all grades, leaving many parents concerned that children are being sexualized while at school.

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An Ontario father has undertaken advocacy work to have sexually explicit library books removed from his children’s school.

David Todor has two children enrolled at the Waterloo District School Board (WDSB) and recently went viral, even making international headlines, with his deputation at a board meeting.

In his deputation, Todor read a passage from the book “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison that he says has “themes of pedophilia and incest.”

The recounting of certain passages made at least one trustee, Carla Johnson feel uncomfortable.

It’s part of why Todor pointed out that if the book was good enough for his minor child to access, it was good enough to read aloud in the meeting.

Todor also asked, “who is interested in the gender identity and sexual orientation of my child?”

An adult soliciting that information from a minor would be labelled as a pedophile in other civil societies but here in Ontario, school boards are embracing this perversion under the umbrella of equity and inclusion.

“I couldn’t believe that these books were approved [by the board],” says Todor, questioning how this reading material is bringing any substantial academic value to children.

Another concerning book found in the e-Library is “The Other Boy” which Todor says trivializes medical transitioning procedures such as the chemical or physical sterilization of children.

This Book Is Gay” is another title which depicts homosexual acts, masturbation and oral sex using very childish language. “Blowies,” the book reads, “is popping another dude’s peen in your mouth or, indeed, popping yours in his.”

Having this kind of content available to children makes Todor question the direction that the school board is going in:

If you talk about these things in the workplace, that’s sexual harassment. But when you do it in an education [setting] and you talk to kids, suddenly it’s acceptable? Asking a minor to disclose their gender identity and sexual orientation has nothing to do with any community.

It’s nobody's business… Secrecy, sexual questions and inappropriate materials are putting kids in a situation that the schools seem to justify as protecting human rights but I believe it to be child abuse… they should not be asked to disclose their gender identity or sexual orientation to strangers.

Rightfully Todor also points out that boards should not be promoting or facilitating students to hide identity confusion from parents by keeping the “communication with the parents closed, especially when [these kids] are at high risk of depression and suicide. "You would think these are very serious issues and that parents ought to know what’s happening," says Todor.

In response to Todor’s delegation, an anonymous open letter was send out by the WDSB stating that equating sexual explicit content being made available to minors is not child abuse and is instead an “attack on public education in an effort to reverse human rights and equity protections of marginalized groups.”

“How are students who have no sexual experiences expected to know what they prefer in their sexual life? And if a student does know, that should raise alarms of child abuse,” says Todor.

Demand Education Minister Stephen Lecce investigates the perversion infiltrating Ontario schools at StopClassroomGrooming.com.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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