Ontario medical regulator is causing patient harm by continuing witch hunt into COVID contrarian doctors

Disciplinary action proceedings commence into three Ontario doctors and their private practices as motion attempt-to-quash investigation orders are dismissed.

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Lawyer Michael Alexander continues to litigate on behalf of three Ontario doctors who face disciplinary action by their regulator based on third party complaints pertaining to their handling of COVID-19 public health measures in their private practices.

Their regulator, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), compelled physicians to uphold public health orders and recommendations, condemning those that “put the public at risk” with anti-lockdown, anti-distancing positions and/or those who support or promote unproven treatments for COVID-19. Physicians who did so were threatened with investigation and disciplinary action, in an open statement issued by the CPSO in August 2021.

“The College of Physicians established three COVID ‘restrictions’ – that a doctor cannot say anything contrary to public health policies or recommendations, they cannot write medical exemptions for COVID-19 injections and they cannot prescribe alternative medications for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 even if they’re approved by Health Canada,” says Alexander.

Alexander previously argued that the investigation orders had no merit as they referenced guidelines and recommendations, not regulations or legislated laws.

Yet the stranglehold on medical practice continues as the CPSO moves forward with disciplinary action.

“We have investigative orders and prosecutions without any definition of an offense but were going to hearings in May, June and July for Doctors Luchkiw, Phillips and Trozzi which are not based on an offense of any kind,” details Alexander.

This witch hunt of physicians providing patient-centred care has left thousands of patients without access to their family doctor, in the middle of a primary care physician access crisis.

“We have thousands of patients who no longer have emergency room care and general practice care as a result of these suspensions… so the impact on the medical system is profound. The irony is that there are no complaints of patient harm and no proof of patient harm. The only proof of patient harm is that the college is causing harm by suspending these doctors.”

The CPSO states that Dr. Luchkiw has failed “to provide information, records and documents requested by College staff and refusing to permit College investigators to enter and/or inspect her practice location.”

They further allege that Dr. Phillips “failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession and that he is incompetent in his care of patients and in his reporting of adverse events following immunization,” among other “disgraceful conduct.”

As for Dr. Trozzi, he is referred to as 'ungovernable' by the CPSO, in light of his conduct and his public communications regarding the College and its regulatory functions.

All three doctors refused to succumb to intimidation tactics deployed by the CPSO to obtain the personal and private medical records of their patients.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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