Ontario MPP Sarah Jama is in hiding after receiving blowback regarding her pro-Hamas sentiments and behaviour

Last Monday, Jama attended a march calling for an intifada and wiping Israel off the map. The flag of Hamas was produly on display.

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It would appear that Hamilton Centre NDP MPP Sarah Jama is in a bit of a jam. Again.

Jama has a long history of professing anti-Semitic sentiments. And she simply couldn’t help weighing in on social media regarding the massacre that occurred last weekend in Israel.

One of her odious tweets was the following: “I'm reflecting on my role as a politician who is participating in this settler colonial system, and I ask that all politicians do the same. I call for an immediate ceasefire and de-escalation. We must look to the solution to this endless cycle of death and destruction: end all occupation of Palestinian land and end apartheid.”

Where does one even begin? For example, what is this nonsense about apartheid? Is Jama referring to the state of Israel in 2023 or South Africa circa 1983?

Naturally, there was no condemnation of the butchers who comprise the rank and file of Hamas, bloodthirsty terrorists who raped, killed, and even beheaded babies. That would be the crux of the matter regarding what happened in Israel last weekend, but for Jama all of that blodshed is a matter of “nothing to see here, folks, move along, move along…”

But it gets worse, much worse.

Last Monday, Jama attended a march calling for an intifada and wiping Israel off the map. The flag of Hamas was produly on display.

Ah, the ever-loving left strikes again. But it’s baffling. Being a member of the NDP, we are certain Jama supports LGBTQ-etc. movement. Yet, how well do people in that community do in Gaza, where staying in the closet is a bona fide survival tactic when it comes to the Hamas goon squad?.

Jama’s behaviour would be shocking to anyone who is a fan of civilization. But it really comes as no surprise. After all, Jama has a long history of espousing anti-Israel rhetoric. According to media reports, Jama was an active member of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights when she was a student at Hamilton’s McMaster University. Jama was active in projects such as Israeli Apartheid Week and the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement. Her gruesome group also called for the release of Marwan Barghouti, a convicted terrorist and murdered and a founder of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade. Nice.

In any event, we recently ventured down to Jama’s constituency office in downtown Hamilton to get her side of this sordid story. Lo and behold, the office was locked down and devoid of life. A sign stated the following: “Since Tuesday afternoon our office has received a number of concerning calls and emails that have made us question the safety of remaining open for walk-ins. We’ve decided to work remotely to ensure the safety of staff. We’re deeply sorry that this will affect our constituents who rely on us for support with urgent issues. We will of course continue to assist you via phone and email until it is safe to open our doors to the public again.”

A phone number was provided. We called the number only to receive a recorded message indicating that the voicemail box is “full.” Customer. Service. Excellence. And really, talk about perverse irony. Jama professes admiration for a terrorist group that carries out actual crimes against humanity, yet all it takes for Jama and company to run for the hills is a few impolite emails and voicemails? What pathetic cowards.

In the meantime, several Jewish groups as well as Ontario’s interim Liberal leader John Fraser and Premier Doug Ford have called on NDP leader Marit Stiles to remove Jama from caucus. Ford stated that Jama’s views “have no place in the legislature, and they have no place in this province.” We agree.

But at time of writing, Jama was still in caucus, proving that cancel culture goes into hibernation when if comes to Jew hatred. And this awful saga also proves Stiles is not a credible leader. Perhaps Stiles needs to stepdown for the good of the party -- but we doubt that will happen either.

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