Ottawa mayor pranked by convoy supporters with fake requests for GoFundMe refund

'It also appears that they signed-up the Mayor for memberships and subscriptions to various organizations and magazines, including job alerts for Walmart,' wrote Patrick Champagne, accusing convoy supporters of a junk mail bullying campaign against Mayor Jim Watson.

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However, an earlier request for an explanation about how the single email requesting a refund from GoFundMe came to be part of the mayor's communication with the crowdfunding platform, Rebel News was met with accusations.

Instead of offering a response to Rebel News inquiries regarding an access to information wherein the GoFundMe auto generated email surfaced, Mayor Jim Watson's press secretary Patrick Champagne initially called the documents “a complete fabrication”.

This sparked a snarky and contentious email exchange with Champagne. We had the document. We fabricated nothing. And the mayor's office knew it.

Just two hours later, Champagne then asked for a copy of the document in question at which point he was advised to “find it yourself” and to consider eliciting some help from some of the roughly 800 RCMP officers deployed into the city of Ottawa to crackdown on peaceful protests this past weekend as part of enforcement efforts against the Rolling Thunder bikers demonstration.

Ultimately, we were able to strangle the truth out of Champagne, and finally got a reasonable explanation which we should have gotten upon our first contact with him.

The email you are referring is a fabrication by someone with ill intent. During the convoy occupation, someone submitted these reports with Mayor Watson’s name and email address to GoFundMe….convoy protesters and supporters from all over Canada, the United States and internationally used the Mayor’s online forms for invitations and certificates to submit reprehensible comments and flood the general email account. It also appears that they signed-up the Mayor for memberships and subscriptions to various organizations and magazines, including job alerts for Walmart.

Don't you see? Even though Jim Watson was instrumental in prompting the Liberals to invoke the Emergencies Act to euthanize the peaceful convoy to Ottawa protest, and even though he was the catalyst for getting the multi-million dollar crowdfunding efforts in support of the convoy frozen by GoFundMe, and even though he outlawed peaceful expression in opposition of COVID mandates in the nation's capital, and oversaw the assaults of journalists at the hands of cops, he's the real victim here.

He's the victim of junk email bullying. Say a prayer for Jim Watson.

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