Ottawa Police arrest demonstrator and tow his bus TWICE from private parking for... blowing bubbles?

Welcome to 'special event' Ottawa. Please note: the blowing of bubbles is strictly verboten!

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At last weekend’s Rolling Thunder event in Ottawa, a surreal sidebar story emerged: namely, freedom fighter Jim Kerr, owner of the Bubble Bus, had his vehicle towed away TWICE by the Ottawa Police Service.

And no, it was not because the Bubble Bus was parked in one of those temporary no-stopping zones that popped up all over Ottawa during the weekend. Rather, Kerr’s bus was towed away from private parking lots. Yes, Kerr paid for the parking spaces and it was not a public road. But police towed away the Bubble Bus nevertheless.

Apparently, the blowing of bubbles and the playing of music “interferes” with police operations. At least that’s what Kerr says the cops told him. Gracious! Hopefully an ice cream truck won’t drive near Ottawa’s Finest during any future police operations. Surely that would also create “interference” given the added prevailing scent of banana splits and chocolate milkshakes.

And by the way, what was the “special event” that occurred in our nation’s capital last weekend? Apparently, it was the illicit crackdown of peaceful demonstrators embracing their charter rights and freedoms — you know, like freedom of speech and freedom of assembly?

If so, this event was very special — and very egregious and disturbing — indeed.

Just ask Jim Kerr, who now has thousands of dollars in fines to pay simply for… blowing bubbles and playing music? Outrageous.

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