OTTAWA RECAP: Justin Trudeau back in Parliament, Poilievre comes down on Liberal PM, MPs talk IRGC

Find out what you missed in Parliament. Today, the Conservatives caused tension by criticizing Trudeau's carbon hypocrisy and the Liberals for refusing to label Iran's IRGC as a terror entity. Plus, Singh talks about "greed-flation."

OTTAWA RECAP: Justin Trudeau back in Parliament, Poilievre comes down on Liberal PM, MPs talk IRGC
CPAC / House of Commons
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“He jets around in his private jet across the country,” said Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre as he attacked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being a “high carbon hypocrite.”

Poilievre took the opportunity to criticize Trudeau for the first time in over a week, since Trudeau has been flying around the world, bungee jumping in Quebec or just generally avoiding the House of Commons, something he’s been accused of since at least 2013. 

“If the leader of the Opposition put enough energy into putting up a plan for climate change as he does into concocting elaborate theories and attacks,” Trudeau responded, while suggesting the government could resolve climate change if only the Conservatives would agree to his policies.

While Trudeau claims that the carbon tax will save Canadians money, the parliamentary budget officer shows that it will cost the average household between $300-$670 just this year, even with rebates. 

Poilievre also pressured Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland over the Liberals’ upcoming tax hikes.

Trudeau stood his ground and maintained he won’t cancel the upcoming tax hikes.

Reporters also took advantage of Trudeau finally being back in Parliament to ask him questions. They, however, did not address the carbon tax, tax hikes or the inflation.

Instead, the accredited members of the press chose to focus on Hockey Canada. One did ask why the Liberal government won’t label the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist entity. 

Trudeau ignored the questions and answered another reporter’s question, with the female journalist asking if the prime minister recognizes the Taliban government of Afghanistan. Trudeau responded by saying he categorically would not recognize the Taliban government.

Addressing the current situation involving Hockey Canada, Trudeau said that the government is disappointed in the organization and will not take sexual misconduct allegations and incidents lightly. 

This comes after Hockey Quebec decided to disavow and separate themselves from Hockey Canada. 

During that same period, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland was also scrummed by the approved press, where she was asked about her thoughts regarding the situation in Iran and the IRGC.  

“I do think we need to do more in Iran,” Freeland said. 

She told the reporters that "everything is absolutely on the table" regarding sanctions against the IRGC.

However, the Liberals still refuse to label the IRGC a terror entity. 

The Liberals have been refusing to call the IRGC a terrorist entity for the past week.

On October 3, 2022, Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman introduced a motion to label Iran’s IRGC a terrorist entity. In response, a single MP from the Liberals' bench objected, saying “no.” 

Then today, Pierre Poilievre, in a very severe tone, asked Trudeau if he will commit to calling the IRGC a terrorist organization. “Yes, or no,” Poilievre asked as he pressed the prime minister.

Trudeau refused to give a definite answer, which seems to suggest he does not consider the group to be involved in terrorism. 

“The prime minister has, as his primary job, to protect our citizens,” Poilievre began. 

“Fifty-five of them were murdered by this terrorist group, which shot their plane out of the sky, a civilian aircraft. Does the prime minister believe that the group that fired that missile and killed our people is a terrorist group, yes or no?”

Trudeau didn’t answer the numerous requests by Poilievre. 

While tense exchanges were taking place between Trudeau and Poilievre, Jagmeet Singh, leader of the radical-left New Democratic Party, wanted to get in the game. Singh took the opportunity to talk about what the NDP calls “greed-flation.” 

Singh asked Trudeau to stop taking the side of corporations and instead take the side of workers. 

His time questioning both the prime minister and the Opposition was very short. 

Finally, Elizabeth May, the well-known feminist and leader of the Green Party, advocated for more women to be involved in the govenrment. 

There aren't enough women in government, she said. May cited a UN Sustainable Development Goal calling for gender parity in Parliament by 2030.

May was also in agreement with the UN’s SDGs, quoting how the goals assert that “official party status” should not be granted to parties that refuse to run a gender-neutral field of candidates.


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