OTTAWA RECAP: Taxes & ethical oil - CPC MPs blast Liberals on incoming tax hikes and oil imports

Find out what you missed in Parliament. Today, Conservatives seemingly had one priority, shooting left and right at Liberals regarding their upcoming tax hikes and friendly towards totalitarian-oil mentality, while Mark Gerretsen makes factually-incorrect remarks on Twitter.

OTTAWA RECAP: Taxes & ethical oil - CPC MPs blast Liberals on incoming tax hikes and oil imports
CPAC / House of Commons
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The Liberals have announced tax hikes in the upcoming months, which would affect Canadians from coast to coast. 

Since this Parliamentary session began, Pierre Poilievre has strongly opposed the tax hikes, making it the Conservatives’ main focus. This feeling was echoed by the totality of CPC members of Parliament interviewed by Rebel News last week. 

Ryan Williams, member of Parliament for Bay of Quinte, Ontario, stated that inflation is the party’s main focus. “Inflation is the big number right, everyone feels it,” he said.

Today, in Parliament, almost every question asked by Conservatives were in regards to the economy, upcoming tax hikes, and the carbon tax. 

Former Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate and current MP Leslyn Lewis notably asked if “the government [wil] end their planned tax increases on gas, home heating and groceries?”

Still touching on Canada’s inflationary crisis, the Tories went hard on the Liberals, strongly encouraging them to cancel the upcoming hike to the carbon tax.

This provoked a strong reaction from all parties in the House, including the Bloc Québécois, as they quickly became the biggest critics of the Conservatives’ motion of the day, which calls on the Liberal government to cancel the tax hikes. 

Conservative MP James Bezan did not take the insults lightly. When he was being criticized for supporting ethical Canadian oil in comparison to imported overseas oil, he answered the Bloc Québécois MPs with a deeply-felt statement. 

“Their own province is completely dependent upon imported oil and gas coming from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and other totalitarian regimes,” he said. “It is unfortunate that they can’t see the value in actually producing ethically produced environmentally friendly oil and gas right here in Canada.”

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre did not leave his MPs alone, also challenging the Liberals on their tax hikes. 

“What does this price signal do?” he asked. “It tells the customer to buy a tomato from the other side of North America which has to be trained and trucked all the way up to Canada, burning fossil fuels the whole way there and increasing emissions along the way.”

The discussions on the carbon tax and other inflationary measures taken by the Liberals took up the majority of time during question period. 

Finally, the Liberal MP for the riding of Kingston and The Islands, Mark Gerretsen, wrote a factually incorrect tweet, claiming that today was “traitor Tuesday.”

Indeed, Gerretsen stated that during the question period, no member of Parliament that originally endorsed Pierre Poilievre asked any questions at all.

“Interesting to note that just about every question asked in the HOC today from the CPC benches was from an MP who *did not* support PP in the leadership,” he wrote.

This comment is false. 

Stephen Ellis, Michelle Ferreri, Robert Kitchen, Jake Stewart, Jamie Schmale, are all MPs who endorsed Poilievre during his leadership campaign and also spoke during today’s question period. 

Twitter has yet to flag Gerretsen’s post as one that promotes so-called misinformation. We won’t hold our breath for that recognition.

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