OTTAWA RECAP: Iran's IRGC not a terror entity, Liberals prefer foreign oil, Bill C-31

Find out what you missed from Parliament. Today, Liberals say 'no' to labelling the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization, continue to back totalitarian oil and MPs discuss the big-government Bill C-31.

OTTAWA RECAP: Iran's IRGC not a terror entity, Liberals prefer foreign oil, Bill C-31
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Today, during the proceedings at the House of Commons in Ottawa, Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman introduced a motion to label Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist entity. In response, a single MP from the Liberals' bench objected, saying “no.” This rejection caused outrage among the Conservative side of the House, as voices rose to cast shame on the Liberal MP since the motion needed unanimous consent.

It is unclear which Liberal made the remark. Lantsman told Rebel News it was “hard to tell” who made the remark, but noted it was “a man's voice.”

The IRGC has been prominent recently, as protests have erupted following death of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman who appears to have been beaten to death at the hands of the Iranian regime's morality police.

Peaceful protests in support of women's rights in Iran have occurred not only in the Islamic republic but across the world, including here in Canada, including a demonstration last week on Parliament Hill.

Also in the House today, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre put pressure on the Liberals to cancel both their planned tax hikes and their current carbon tax. Taking the lead in responding to Poilievre was Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, telling the Opposition leader that Canada has “the most effective” carbon tax “in the world.”

Despite this claim, the Liberals are still planning to triple the tax — yet not a single Liberal MP can explain why an effective carbon tax would need to be tripled, particularly now as Canadians struggle with a cost-of-living crisis.

Unsurprisingly, Poilievre's efforts to convince the Liberals to lower taxes did not succeed.

Prior to today's question period, Bill C-31 was once again discussed. This bill is the government's so-called solution to provide Canadians with a dental care plan. The bill is currently in its second rerading, and is sponsored in the House by the Liberal health minister, Jean-Yves Duclos.

In response to the bill, Conservative MP Michael Cooper delivered a lengthy speech explaining why he does not trust the Trudeau government to handle a program like this.

“The measures put forward in this bill can, at best, be described as half-measures and band-aid solutions,” Cooper said. “This bill offers measures throwing some money here, throwing some money there, all in a desperate effort by a desperate government to make it appear that it is doing something — anything — to address the cost-of-living crisis, a crisis of this Liberal government's own making.”

NDP MP Alistair MacGregor described the bill as legislation the NDP “forced the Liberal government to bring in” through its propping up of the Liberals' minority. “It's a moment of great pride,” MacGregor said, “because in the last election dental care was a very key focus” during last fall's election.

Rebel News was also on Parliament Hill today, putting questions to politicians regarding Canada's oil and gas industry, Alberta and Danielle Smith's proposed sovereignty act. Plus, we had another interaction with a fan favourite, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra. Stay tuned, as you'll hear the MPs explain their thoughts on the issues above.

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