Palestinian terror sympathizers in Toronto celebrate the slaughter of Israeli civilians over highway

Participants waved Palestinian flags over a popular downtown highway. Their support starkly contrasts to official responses by Canadian politicians across the political spectrum who posted support for Israel and condemned Palestinian aggression.

Palestinian terror sympathizers in Toronto celebrate the slaughter of Israeli civilians over highway
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Dozens took to the streets in Canada's largest city to support the unprovoked Hamas-led attack on Israeli citizens that's being described as "Israel's 9/11." 

The small gathering of supporters of the Palestinian fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group Hamas assembled in Toronto to seemingly celebrate the recent murders, kidnappings, and attacks in Israel. Hamas supporters flew Palestinian flags over the city's Gardiner Expressway as many drivers passing by honked their horns, seemingly in solidarity with the Hamas terrorists. The showing of support for the horrific acts of violence and murders by Palestinian terrorists stands in stark contrast to the words from Canadian politicians across the political spectrum. 

All three major federal party leaders in Canada made similar statements of support. 

Even the provincial Premier's have made statements supporting Israel. Premieres in large provinces like Ontario, Alberta, B.C., and Quebec have all condemned the horrific Hamas attacks. 

Early Saturday morning, Hamas, the terror group controlling the Gaza Strip, attacked Israel, targeting civilians in their homes. The attack occurred on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, between Israel and several Arab states, led by Egypt and Syria.

According to Israeli media, 1,500 Israelis have been injured, 300 are dead, and dozens more have been kidnapped and taken into the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip in a terror attack that overwhelmed Israel's Iron Dome air missile defence system with over 3000 rockets.

The number of dead and injured continues to grow.

To stand against the unprovoked attacks on Israeli citizens, sign Rebel News' petition on this page and view for more as the story unfolds. 

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  • By Raheel Raza

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