Pandemic rules expose the two kinds of cops | Avi Yemini talks COVID-19 enforcement

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The field of policing has been under a lot of scrutiny since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic. With vague restrictions and rules that are changing constantly, officers are left to their discretion as to whether an individual receives a warning, a ticket or more.

This use of discretion by police was the topic of discussion when Rebel News Chief Australia Correspondent Avi Yemini joined David Menzies on last week's episode of Rebel Roundup.

Speaking to David about an instance where he ran into an old friend who had become a police officer, Avi said that his chance meeting with this friend helped him gain a new perspective on COVID rule enforcement:

There's a lot of cops just like him — and let me just start with that. There's a lot of cops that actually send me messages that are just as outraged as you and I about what's happening and about the mentality that seems to be growing in a lot of these police forces across the country, and across the world...

When I said to him, ‘the last six months, how have you found it?’ he goes, ‘I haven't gotten involved at all in the COVID enforcement.’

What do you mean you haven't got involved [I asked him]. He goes, ‘well actually we're given discretion,’ and it's actually given me a new talking point on a lot of my videos and in that video, I think I made it clear because it was right after I'd spoke to my friend.

The full episode, including viewer reactions to some of the biggest Rebel videos of the week, is available to SUBSCRIBERS of RebelNews+.

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