'Parents Voice BC' runs slate of 28 school trustee candidates seeking to give parents more transparency about curriculums

The grassroots group of independents simply want 'parents to know what their children are being taught' so that they can make the decision on what’s best for their children.

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The home stretch for those running in British Columbia's municipal elections is about to come to a close, with elections set to take place on Saturday.

In today's report, I sit down to interview three of 28 school trustee candidates, as well as the campaign manager from a new pro-parent group called Parents Voice BC.

The grassroots group of independents are seeking to give parents more control over what their kids are taught in B.C. schools by providing them with more “transparency and community input,” so that parents can be primarily responsible for their children’s education as opposed to the government.

“I work for public schools and I’ve seen a lot of issues coming in, a lot of agendas coming into the schools that really concern me ,and that was why I decided to run with Parents Voice,” said Belinda Wheatley, running in School District No. 43 (Coquitlam).

When asked to elaborate on what those agendas are, Wheatley gave the example of B.C.’s sexual education curriculum, SOGI 1 2 3, which among other things, promotes gender ideology from a young age.

“We are not anti-SOGI,” stated Wheatley, acknowledging that the curriculum includes some positive aspects, like lessons against bullying. The school trustee hopeful added that Parents Voice BC simply wants “parents to know what their children are being taught” so that they can make the decision on what’s best for their children.

Concerns over the tug-of-war between parents and the state when it comes to children is an issue Rebel News has been increasingly covering in recent years. Former New Brunswick Minister of Education Dominic Cardy, who just recently resigned, sparked outrage last year after he told a parent concerned about children being vaccinated without parental consent that children “belong to our province.”

Watch this full report to hear more from Wheatley, as well as two other Parents Voice BC candidates named Ed Desaulniers and Geoffrey Way.

You’ll also hear from their campaign manager, Fritz Randant, who explains how many of the candidates who promote themselves as independents are actually backed by unions and interest groups that give them an advantage over those who are truly independently running through a grassroots movement.

If you appreciate that we took the time to inform you about Parents Voice BC, please consider contributing to the cost we’ve incurred to cover the municipal elections. You can donate and check out our previous reports on this election at BCLeadershipReports.ca.

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