Parliamentary cops try (and fail) to stop Rebel News from covering pro-abortion protesters

Officers with the Parliamentary Protective Service repeatedly sought to remove Rebel News journalists from covering the pro-abortion crowd that showed up to protest the annual 'March for Life.'

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Thousands of demonstrators took part in the annual “March for Life” in Ottawa last Thursday, expressing opposition to abortion in front of Parliament Hill. Many of the rallygoers shared the ethical position of life beginning at conception and called for public recognition of human rights for unborn children.

"I believe in a woman's right to choose," NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh told Rebel News when asked if he would support any legal restrictions on abortion based on the tenure of pregnancy.

Singh repeated the same reply when asked if there are legitimate critiques of taxpayer-funded provisioning of "abortion pills," given declining birth rates in Canada.

The annual March for Life is one of the largest regular demonstrations in the nation's capital.

Other demonstrators relayed information about harms to women — physically, psychologically and spiritually — caused by abortions. Abortions can damage a woman's fertility and ability to become pregnant and successfully carry an unborn child to term.

Some shared anecdotes about family, friends and colleagues who expressed regrets about having had abortions.

Women are often misinformed about risks associated with abortion, some of the pro-life attendees told Rebel News.

About 25 protesters gathered on Parliament Hill against the March for Life. They described abortion as "health care" and stated, "my body, my choice."

Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS) officers repeatedly sought to remove Rebel News journalists from the counterdemonstration. Officers claimed the presence of Rebel News — with this reporter wearing a T-shirt with the message "PRO-LIFE" — was upsetting the counterdemonstrators.

One PPS officer described this reporter's conduct as "aggressive" towards the counterdemonstrators. This reporter advised the PPS officers that he would continue reporting on the events unless lawfully detained or arrested.

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