Parlor Tattoos REOPENS in Winnipeg: “I can't work at home... and I can't work in jail.”

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Manitoba continues to have some of the most oppressive coronavirus restrictions in North America. Anything deemed by the government to be "non-essential" has been roped off, labelled contraband or closed.

This includes tattoo shops like The Parlor Tattoos, owned by Phil McLellan. Phil is a Winnipeg-based tattoo artist at the top of his industry. However, he and his employees stand to lose their life's work because of Premier Brian Pallister's restrictions on McLellan's ability to do business.

Tattoo artists in Manitoba know how to successfully prevent the transmission of illnesses spread by bodily fluids, including HIV and hepatitis. They're trained in infection prevention and proper sterilization techniques, and they have to re-certify every three years.

Yet, because of Pallister's COVID crackdown, this already heavily monitored and intensely regulated industry is being flattened. So McLellan is saying, enough is enough.

He's reopening his business. He's getting back to work and he's staring down a hefty fine from the province if he does.

McLellan joined me in an interview to tell me why he's willing to risk escalating fines to open his doors to customers again.
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  • By David Menzies


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