Pastor Artur Pawlowski is on trial — for feeding the homeless? | Selene Galas joins Sheila Gunn Reid

The prosecution stems from a December 2020 gathering in which Pastor Artur provided food, warm clothes and Christmas presents to unhoused residents in Calgary.

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On a recent episode of the The Gunn Show, we sat down with Rebel News' Selene Galas to discuss the prosecution of Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who is being put through the legal wringer for his decision to provide food, warm clothes and Christmas presents to some of Calgary's most vulnerable unhoused residents.

Selene was in court this week viewing the proceedings and live-tweeting what she was witnessing. This specific prosecution stems from an incident in 2020, during which the Calgary Police clamped down on the pastor's efforts to feed and care for the homeless, citing public health restrictions and accusing him of holding a private 'Christian' event.

One peace officer testified that Pastor Artur (gasp!) hugged and shook hands with the homeless and that his gathering was not allowed, because these people who have no homes were not all from the same household.

To see the full legal saga of Pastor Artur Pawlowski and to help support his defence, visit

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