BREAKING: Pastor Derek Reimer released on bail after being arrested for protesting all ages drag queen story hour

The Calgary pastor arrested last week on breach of his bail conditions of being within 200 meters of a LGTBQ event has been granted bail by the judge.

BREAKING: Pastor Derek Reimer released on bail after being arrested for protesting all ages drag queen story hour
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Street pastor Derek Reimer was released on early Wednesday evening, after a successfull bail hearing this morning.

Rebel Reporter, Angelica Toy captured the moment where the pastor was dropped off at a local train station, where he was driven too, instead of the jail he was originally in.

"Happy to be out. Then about a week or so, bail hearing. Well, this big shout out to my lawyer (Ben Allison). So to all the supporters that came. Thank you, guys. Thanks for everybody. Just watching, supporting and donating."

Angelica continues to speak with Derek for his thoughts on being released, with new bail conditions.

"I don't like any of the bail conditions to be honest."

Rebel's Chief Reporter, Sheila Gunn Reid reported earlier from inside Calgary's court that Pastor Reimer's conditions were as follows:

  • $5000 no cash bail
  • No contact or public statements with certain named people from Seton Library event
  • No contact with participants or performers at Drag Queen Story Hour events
  • Staying away atleast 300 meters from Drag Queen Story Hours and LGBTQ events
  • No weapons or guns

Reimer expressed his dissatisfaction with his bail conditions, though he was happy that his lawyer, Ben, was able to loosen some conditions. Reimer stated that he would continue to fight against children's involvement with drag shows despite the arrest.

"To paint me with a certain brush, they bring up my my whole past my whole criminal record of like 12 years ago and just trying to have me look like a certain guy. But we're just thankful, you know, and praise God again for Ben's performance and for the judge as she was fair and I thought did a good job there as well."

When asked if if he'll continue his advocacy to end children's involvement with drag shows, he says yes.

"Yes, absolutely. You know, this is a conviction. It's a calling from the Lord. And I'm looking forward to talking with the team and discussing what we're going to do moving forward. But again, that that compulsion and that conviction and that calling, that's all there and burning within me. And I'm just happy to be out and just kind of take this one step at a time."

Rebel News will publish Angelica's full interview tomorrow morning.

You can help support Pastor Derek Reimer's legal fund to fight back by heading to, there you can make a tax deductible donation through the registered charity, The Democracy Fund, who has hired a lawyer on his behalf.

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