Pastor under prosecution from City of Calgary refuses to stop feeding homeless despite the threat of ticketing

What does feeding the homeless and pastor prosecution have in common? Nothing - it just happens far too often for anyone to be quiet about it, so allow me to say the quiet part out loud.

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On Saturday December 3, I decided to go downtown Calgary on Stephen Ave., where street pastor and founder of mission 7 ministries, Derek Reimer gave us the latest details on Calgary's recent pastor haggling.

So, it then begs the question of why we've seen such consistent correlations between the two. If you see any of these pastors - they'll tell you. It's a Pastors job to tend to the poor and needy. And beyond a moral, or religion-based obligation - what would be the harm in picking up the slack from the government by providing people with warm food and drink? Or warm clothes during Alberta's harsh winter climate?

Since this poses no risk - not to the less fortunate being tended to, or the passersby who gawk - I'm left with no choice but to assume the intention behind the pastor harassment, and threat of being ticketed sums reaching, but not limited to, tens of thousands of dollars - what else would it be?

The City of Calgary made harsh cutbacks during the thick of COVID in order to help "curve the spread," and "limit transmission" by depleting resources for the less fortunate. Namely, food, shelter, and necessities, etc.

Pastor Derek Reimer is but one of the local Calgary Pastors who have faced prosecution for feeding the homeless. And despite having a religious exemption, he was still ticketed by Calgary Police.

If you agree the lives of the less fortunate are worth more than being left to fend for themselves in the freezing cold - without food, water or basic necessities - go to to cancel the governments non-accountability policy on medically assisted suicide. Being poor, sick, or depressed should not be a death sentence. 

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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