Patriots stage convoy to demand end to Biden's border crisis

'This convoy wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for Canadians,' said one participant.

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In the wake of escalating tensions between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Biden administration, a convoy of patriots from various states across the USA has embarked on a journey to the southern border, aiming to raise awareness about the critical situation. Dubbed "Take Our Border Back," the convoy reached Quemado, Texas, near Eagle Pass, a known hotspot for illegal crossings.

Arriving the evening of Friday, February 2 at the Cornestone Children's Ranch in Quemado, the convoy's presence has drawn attention to the pressing issues at hand. With Quemado being just a short drive from Eagle Pass, where illegal border crossings are prevalent, the significance of their rally is undeniable.

During the rally on February 3, attendees were asked about why Canadians should care about the border situation. Their responses shed light on the far-reaching implications of border insecurity.

"It's pretty important because we don't know who's coming and they infiltrate. It's not going to stop just here," remarked one participant. Another voiced concerns about the ripple effects, noting that individuals could easily make their way to Canada, impacting various aspects of society, including crime rates and taxation.

The convoy members emphasized the need for vigilance, drawing parallels between the challenges faced in America and potential future issues in Canada. They urged Canadians to remain steadfast in their fight for security and sovereignty, recognizing the shared spirit of resilience between the two nations.

"This convoy wouldn't even be here if it weren't for Canadians," remarked one participant, highlighting the importance and impact of the "Freedom Convoy" that took place in Canada in 2022. Canadians rose up against the authoritarian regime of Justin Trudeau during COVID lockdowns that was imposing coercive measures on citizens.

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