“People lie!” Arrivals to Canada from Islamabad, Shanghai shocked at Trudeau's coronavirus airport screening

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It’s déjà-FLU all over again...

I returned to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to interview passengers arriving from Shanghai, China and Islamabad, Pakistan.

And just like the day before when I encountered others arriving from China and Pakistan, these individuals told me there are no enhanced screening measures at Pearson for the coronavirus — aside from a brief verbal Q&A and the distribution of pamphlets!

In fact, passengers unanimously said Wuhan Flu screening in Shanghai and Islamabad is far more stringent than in Toronto!

So what happened to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pronouncements on Monday that Canada was going to take COVID-19 a tad more seriously — especially at airports and border crossings?

On the bright side, thankfully our great dominion is a nation blessed with an abundance of trees; thus, we’ll likely will never run out of newsprint to produce pamphlets (or, for that matter, pulp to produce toilet paper...)

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